sleepapneaBy definition, snoring and sleep apnea can be described as a coarse sound created by vibrations of the soft palate and other tissues in the mouth, throat, and nose. The sound is usually created by the turbulence in our mouth during inspiration. This turbulence is caused by a blockage in our mouth, ranging from the vocal chords up to the tip of the nose. Snoring may occur only during sleep, or if it persists all the time, it may be worse when we sleep. When we sleep, our muscle tone decreases which can promote the vibration of tissues in our mouth, while we’re awake however, the muscle tones are in good shape; which is why we don’t snore while we’re awake.

Snoring can be come from the nose, oropharynx, or even the base of the tongue. Recently, studies have found that the tongue is a bigger factor in snoring than was once thought.

Though most people advocate that snoring can be stopped willingly, mostly by their partners who resent their snoring, it is not so. Rather it is something that can be cured. It can also be controlled. Snoring is caused by such physical abnormalities, so it must first be evaluated before cured. It’s not as difficult as many perceive since there is a possible solution to everyone’s snoring problem. Pinpointing the cause of your snoring is as stepping-stone towards achieving the solution for it. Most people have successfully controlled and cured their snoring problem thru the help of simple self-help remedies.

Others who lose interest in self-help remedies immediately take the routine of “hit and miss” which results to a disappointing result. Often, these people take the route of buying products advertised to cure their snoring, usually accompanied with “successful” rates. Sadly, most of these products are just pure quackery which then results to the snorers becoming despondent and losing interest over finding a solution, or they do not read reviews on the products to see if they actually work, companies like SnoreBore who were created to review such items, may help you in finding a decent product to help you.